Bibliotekets skaberværesle, Tingbjerg

Bibliotekets Skaberværelse (BST) is piloting a different space in the library centered around making and the encounters taking place there. Through making it turns information into knowledge and promotes sharing and sense of community. It puts knowledge at play and creates knowledge by experimenting with materials, space and the coming together of very different actors in the space . It captures knowledge by archiving and telling the stories and by making these available online.
The experiment was initiated in February 2016 by Gaia Colantonio and Martin Krogh (MA-codesign graduates at KADK) in collaboration with Sissel Olander (researcher at CODE), Kultur Nord, and the Tingbjerg Library in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The space came into being through a long series of workshops and a festival of making and fixing, involving many different actors - local as well as non local. Finally 10 recommendations was handed over to the library accompanied by 10 videos and 10 objects wrapped up in a box (see fig.)

All material is accessible at the webpage as well.

Download the report here